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What Is Larry Lawton’s Net Worth? (Bio, Dating, Girlfriend, Wife, Kids, Biography, Famous For, Net Worth, Ex-Convict, Books, Honorary Police Officer)

Larry Lawton Net Worth and total assets

Larry Lawton Wealth and Total Assets: How has Larry Lawton’s net worth been affected in recent times, due to changes in the stock market and other business conditions?

Lawrence R. Lawton is a known Ex-convict, American author of books, a YouTuber, and also a Motivational Speaker.

Larry Lawton was given birth to on the 3rd of October, 1961 at North Hempstead, New York.

The American Icon is known for being the Biggest Jewel thief in America, after which he was confined for a period of time, and he repented from hi crime acts and now enlightens people to stay out of prison and focus ahead in life, making him get an award for Prison Reform.

In 2020, Larry Lawton also made a reaction to the movie titled “The Longest Yard” a prison movie with starred the American comedian Chris Rock and Adam Sandler.

The Life and Background of Larry Lawton

larry lawton assets and divorce

Larry Lawton’s father by the name David Lawton was a sheet metal worker and his mother by the name of Irene Geoffrion was a registered nurse.

Larry schooled at St. Francis de Chantal Catholic School for 6 years, and at the age of 12, he got into the life of crime through bad friends and corrupt minds, after which they stole cars and spare parts. He then swapped schools and went to Lehman High School.

The Ex-Convict then participated with the Coast Guard back in 1979, August to be precise, and at then, he was just 17 years of age.

Larry then stepped out of the Coast Guard at age 24 due to a back injury, Lawton went to Brooklyn and this was where he came out into crime with full force into the atmosphere of organized crime.

This made the American go about dealing with jewelry theft and robbing stores around the Eastern Coast of the United States. He got into an Insurance scam and built an Italian restaurant with the funds from his jewelry theft.

Larry Lawton went to prison after a case was reviewed and he got arrested in 1996, December 2nd, and his time in jail was extended with relation to other robberies and jewel theft crime and he spent roughly 12 years in Jail.

He was swapped over to other prison halls as follows within the span of 12years confinement, register number (52224-004).

USP Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, and FTC Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USP Atlanta, Georgia, FCI Coleman, Florida; FCI Jesup, Georgia; FCI Edgefield, South Carolina; FCI Yazoo, Mississippi; and FCI Forrest City, Arkansas.

Looking way back at 2003, Larry Lawton spoke up challenging the federal government on the abuse of prisoners in the jail system.

Bring and Pouring out claims on prisoners or inmates getting tortures on a daily basis from prison guards, some falling ill with no medical attention and lots of the inmates died in confinement.

Guards ignore the complaints coming from inmates, and this has led to the unnecessary death of prisoners for cases as little as chest and arm pain who died right in front of larry Lawton due to poor medical care, attention, and facilities.

Larry was held in solitary confinement for 47.7977 weeks, after which he spent a total of 36 months in solitary confinement period.

Lawton finished spending his time issued to him in confinement on served his time and on August 24, 2007, after which he was released from jail and was placed under watch and supervised for over a year after release.

During his stay in prison, Larry Lawton got a paralegal degree and started his line of being a mediator. His lifestyle of being an advocate for prisoners and ex-convicts started immediately after his release, as he helped to advocate for unemployed ex-offenders and help in debt loads.

Looking back at 2013, Lawton was the first even ex-convict to be called an honorary police officer in the united states. The Police Department (Lake St. Louis, Missouri) welcomed Larry Lawton into the law enforcement (police force) after resolving all prison terms.

The Congressman by the name of Bill Posey recognized the Lawton Reality Check program on November 21st, 2013, and Larry Lawton’s honorary police officer award and the status during a session of the United States Congress.

The Larry Lawton Net Worth Increase Strategy

Larry saw it that he had to make money after coming out of prison, so as to continue with life, then he pushed out fro being an advocate for prisoners and also worked in some enlightenment campaigns and programs for teenagers and young adults to tell them the fact and truth about how bad crime and prison could be to one’s health and life.

This was a very good implementable strategy to get more money and build his net worth, after which he made DVDs and other educational materials to stop youths from ending up in jail, which a lot of parents bought and paid the funds for their kids.

Payment for the educational materials and DVDs generated a decent income into the pockets of Larry Lawton.

He got fame, which was the whole center and the primary aim of all this aside from the passion to help others not end up like him. Larry also got some big connections with police chiefs, sheriffs, attorneys, judges, and other high class and ranked men.

As he was paid countless times to give tips on how to secure jewelry and prevent theft as well as good locations to place Security Cameras to have a good view of the stores.

Larry’s Reality Check Program was in 4 Topics as follows; Lawton’s early life >> what prison is really like >> what you will lose >> avoiding and dissolving bad associations.

After getting a stable and good ground, he then launched his youtube channel ahead and has been able to make decent cash from being a content creator on youtube, releasing and publishing new videos.

On his youtube channel weekly which has generated a huge pay from youtube, having total subscribers of 1M+ on youtube, he is also building his other social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, and also Twitter.

Looking into the year 2010, Larry Lawton filmed the pilot for a reality tv show in alignment with his work with at-risk youth which he called the Lawton’s Law.

What is Larry Lawton’s Net Worth in 2021?

Larry Lawton is a top-class prison reform advocate and YouTuber and has been able to build up his assets, income, and value. Presently in 2021, Larry Lawton’s net worth is calculated to be $2 million.

Detailed Information on Larry Lawton Net Worth? Check Below….

Larry Lawton’s Net Worth

Presently in 2021, Larry Lawton’s net worth is calculated to be $2 million.

Net Worth:$2 Million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of Birth:October 3, 1961
Source of Wealth:YouTuber, and Police Reform Advocate

Larry Lawton Wealth Rise-in Relation to Prison Reform.

Larry Lawton wealth and income assets net worth

Prison Reform would definitely affect the net worth of several celebrities’ net worth class and level, and this doesn’t exclude the American, Larry Lawton.

Tutoring on Jewelry Robbery Prevention

Larry Lawton introduced Jewelry Robbery Prevention, which is a consultancy firm and organization which works for insurance corps, jewelry stores, police, and media with the sole aim of stopping, suppressing, and putting an end to jewel robberies.

Also telling the strategies used by jewel thieves on their targets. He got a huge pay for this program orchestrated by him.

Income Generated >> Media personality

Larry Lawton has shown on several TV talk shows, radio stations, and other media channels to talk to individuals in the united states as a major play in the Reality Check Program, to discuss crime, jewel store robberies and prison matters arising.

Larry hosted his own radio show in Florida back in 2021 after which he had some major national appearances including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on some other events and occasions larry played a role in several comedy shows and skits.

Making several appearances on The 700 Club, Christian Broadcasting Network, and on the FOX News Huckabee show.

Where he spoke about his criminal background and how he wants every youth to stop risking their lives and destiny in the act of crime.

The Bulldog’s Rude Awakening Show, Maryland, and The Mancow Show are just a few other tv talk shows which Larry Lawton showed up for.

Over 7years+ since 2013, Larry Lawton’s media shows and tv appearances had been at the center of Jewelry thefts, including a few interviews held with CNN, Fox Business, and ABC World News.

Lawton operates his youtube channel currently, makes multiple youtube videos weekly with over a million followers discussing life and his books. Lawton has also gotten a lot of huge pay from youtube through his channel.

The Book: Gangster Redemption

In the year 2012, Larry Lawton partnered to launch a book (memoir) called Gangster Redemption. This Book spoke clearly about his life of crime, his refresh and also imprisonment, and how he has been able to stable his life following his release from confinement, being an ex-convict.

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