Android Operating System (OS) – Definition

What is an Android OS?

Android is a mobile operating system dependent on the modified version of Linux Kernel and other open-source software. Android is fundamentally in design for touch screen mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Android is developed by a group of developers who are called the Open Handset Alliance, and the primary commercial marketer and contributor are Google.

Originally developed and created by Android Inc., which was bought in by google in the year 2005, Android was revealed in the year 2007, and the first commercial Android device unveiled in September 2008.

The modern, well-built version is Android 10, issued on September 3rd, in the year 2019. The kernel Android source code is distinguished as an Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which is principally authorized following the Apache License.

This license authorization had allowed sets or various Android to be built and developed on several other electronics such as PCs, Digital camerasGame consoles, each with its specific user interface. Popular derivatives are Android TV for Televisions, and also the Wear OS for wearables, which are both built and constructed by Google. 

The Android source code has been used ad the foundation of various platforms. Some associated with google may include Google Mobile Services (GMS), which comes as an already installed app on android devices.

This deals with core follow come apps like Google PlayGoogle Play servicesGmail, and popularly Google Chrome web browser. 

All these apps are licensed by the producers and manufacturers of Android devices, certified under the rules as given and imposed by Google.

Some top-class competitors in Android ecosystems are Fire OSLineageOS, and Established application stores usually administer the distribution of software like Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store or any open source program similar to F-Droid and Aptoide, which uses APK file format in its software package.

Since the year 2011, Android has been the number best-selling operating system (OS) worldwide on smartphones and became the best selling OS on tablets in 2019.

Android already has over two billion monthly active users as of May 2017, making it the most extensive installed base of all operating systems. In January 2020, Google Playstore highlights over 2.9 million apps.

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