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How To Resolve and Avoid Website Downtime 2024

How To Resolve and Avoid Website Downtime: – Good day everyone, today we are going to be looking on how to fix, resolve and avoid website downtime.


A website downtime or website outage duration is said to be a period of time in which a website server or system fails to perform its primary function.


  • Power outage
  • System failure
  • Crashes
  • Communication Failure
  • Poor servers
  • Wrong DNS name server
  • Maintenance


Website downtime is one of the most critical problems in website management. It affects your SEO, and Google takes down your site’s SERPs(Search Engine Ranking Pages) by over 10%.

Website downtime often drives away visitors from your site, thereby having a huge negative impact on your sites traffic. Always learn how to fix,resolve and avoid website downtime.

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Relating to Crashes the downtime of a website due to crash is the most critical of them all, giving you loss of efforts and files and loss of revenue. This is Why using a Backup is needed on all websites to avoid “stories that touch the heart”

Staying away from website downtime should be your priority when managing your website. No one knows when u can get a downtime even the NaijaTechGuide had a downtime over some days ago that lasted for about 15mins, and they were able to Fix it.


So now having seen the effects and causes if a website downtime, let’s show you how you can easily detect a red flag of downtime.

  • Sudden loss of connection
  • Slow loading pages
  • Error 522 just like in the photo above
  • Loss of traffic
  • Unable to access webpage.

The above are Ways to detect website downtime. However u can use the Jetpack WordPress plugin and enable Downtime monitoring, OR use this Website Downtime Checker.


In the case of Wrong DNS name servers, contact your domain and hosting dashboard and copy the correct name servers records and apply.

If u don’t have a domain or hosting yet, Get yours now from the top quality hosting company at low prices.

Most times, websites go offline to maintenance which may show a website downtime. So I recommend you using the Coming Soon Maintenance Mode Plugin.

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How To Resolve and Avoid Website Downtime

However, having said all this the main problem of downtime is Bad hosting and domain companies. Many hosting companies today have low servers yet they want to carry over a million users on their servers which would eventually lead to a system breakdown or crash. Many other hosting companies have low power backup supply incase of a power outage unexpectedly.

You can also see this Accurate SERP Checker that’ll help you monitor rankings on google and other search engines with no downtime!!

The All known WHOGOHOST company is an icon of server downtime. If u are are using this, I require and expect u to change/migrate ASAP!!! I wouldn’t want u to experience such pain. #BeWise

Most hosting companies including the Top leading ones in which I would mention names, lack backup servers and the Server Room doesn’t undergo enough proper maintenance for optimal services.

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Click here to Create an account After successful account creation the User interface is very Good and it leads you on what next to do. However, if u have any questions, issues, concerns you can contact us Via email at [ [email protected] ] or use the contact us form below here and we reply u ASAP!! In 10mins. As we are planning to launch our Live Chat system.

Thank you !!! Hope u enjoyed this.

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