Does ULTA Ship to Canada?

Does Ulta Ship To Canada

Buying stuffs online is not new to everyone. It is now a common trend in the world, reducing stress going to the supermarket and all.

So many online stores have been established to meet this need of customers in this regard, marketing, advertising and selling many categories of different varieties of products.

There is hardly anything you want or that you are interested in to buy that is not at the reach of your phone or computer, just by pressing a few button or clicks.

Among these online stores, one has grown and caught the attention of consumers in the area of beauty and fashion so much that it has over 1200 locations and nearly 37000 employees as at year 2021 ( most of whom are females of course. Are you surprised..). Ulta is without doubt one in a million.

This store is highly known and patronized in United States of America, making a name for itself as one of the biggest in the country.

However, one of the challenges that has been in combat with this online store is concerning the residents of Canada who have been finding it difficult to get their products from Ulta shipped over to Canada.

In this article, we have gathered up data containing the tips you should know on which product is available for your selection and how it can be shipped to Canada.


Ulta Beauty was previously called Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. and before 2000 as Ulta3. It was established by Richard E. George and Terry Hanson.

The idea was to create an avenue for beauty items and products of different brands and types be made available at distinctive price levels.

According to the website, the stated mission of the company is “Every day, we use the power of beauty to bring to life the possibilities that lie within each of us — inspiring every guest and enabling each associate to build a fulfilling career.”

Ulta was launched in Chicago suburbs with 5 stores in year 1990 and now, this beauty company has stores in over 48 states, located more in California and East Coast Region.

Its chain of beauty shops with headquarters located in Bolingbrook, Illinois flows with the high-end and low-end skin care products, cosmetics, body and hair care products and so on. Its certainly one of the most admired beauty retailer whose products are for every woman and of course every man. Some of the products up for grabs include;

  • Makeup – for the face, eyes and lips, makeup brushes, makeup tools and palettes.
  • Nails – nail polish, nail stickers, nail care products and nail designs.
  • Hair – treatment and color, tools and products for styling, hair conditioner and shampoo.
  • Men and women fragrance, gift sets and perfumes.
  • Bath and body care – body moisturizers, hand care products, foot care products and self care products.
  • There is also a space for men shaving, skin care products for men, men cologne and the likes.


Ulta Shopping center

Getting ulta products shipped to Canada was formerly a pain in the neck. Till now, there are no Ulta Beauty stores in Canada, even though there was a fore plan in 2019 that the U.S online store wants to extend its hands by establishing Ulta Beauty in Canada.

The plan was cut short because of the fall in the company earnings from USD $7 Billion in 2019 to USD $6 Billion in 2020 due to the crush of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Thus, the reason why the company has no stores in the northern border country.

However, you can still get your Ulta product to Canada through the use of a Registered Package Forwarder. A package Forwarder is a company that provides its customers with the services required for country-to-country online purchase and delivery.

When your shipped package gets to the warehouse of the Package Forwarder, you’ll be notified as the owner and you’ll pay handling and shipping fee for it to be brought to you.

There are many package forwarders available in Canada like Opas, NYBox, MyUSaddress, Planer Express, MyUS and many more.

Know that using a Package Forwarder might cost you a little extra, but it is worth the cost if you are buying from overseas.

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We suggest to use Planet Express, since it is one of the Cheapest and most trusted by its users. Also, it has gotten quite a number of positive remarks from thousands of users who shop online, so we believe that you are good to go.


  1. Step 1: Register as a customer on Planet Express through this link
  2. Step 2You will be given an address of the company warehouse. This is the address you will fill in when making your purchase from Ulta.
  3. Step 3: Once your product is shipped to the warehouse of your Package Forwarder, you’ll be notified. The notification includes your product description and the type of shipping you want for your product to get to you.
  4. Step 4: Once you have chosen the type of shipping you want, be rest assured. Your product is in transit to Canada.


If you love beauty products and you intend to get some for yourself, you should definitely try Ulta Beauty.

Brands like MAC Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, ColourPop cosmetics, The Ordinary and Kylie Cosmetics are all for sale online. And hey, what you’re buying are current and really cool stuff and affordable prices so WHY NOT?? Their fame and popularity stand out among others, that they have quite a number of awards on their shelf. In 2021, they bagged the Forbes Best Employers for Diversity (2021), Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Retail (2021), Diversity Inc Noteworthy Companies for Diversity (2021), Forbes Best Employers for Women (2021) and Forbes Best Large Employers (2021).

You want to surprise your wife or lover with beautiful skincare or haircare product? You should try ordering from Ulta Beauty. She’ll definitely love and cherish it.

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CONCLUSION: Does Ulta Ship To Canada?

Gone are the days when Ulta Products can not be shipped to Canada. Using Package Forwarder, you will conveniently get your product safe and sound. Using Planet Express makes it possible to get what you ordered, irrespective the size, weight or worth.

Ulta Beauty Company has also made provision for various payment methods, to the convenience of their customers. The methods include Credit cards (Mastercard or Visa card), American Express credit card, PayPal and Gift cards.

You have access to more information on their website or app. Download and start enjoying some beauty experiences.

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