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The Commands of Termux Lists

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Have you heard of Termux app? If you haven’t, then this article is certainly for you. If you have, great. For you to enjoy the benefits and fun that Termux has to offer, you have to totally understand its commands and how to appropriately use them to avoid errors and faults.

And for you to do this, you have to totally understand comprehensively, what Termux is and what it does.

Yes it is an app, but what kind of app? This article is to open your eyes and understanding to see what you have been missing with this app, and of course to give you each command and what it stands for. So, sit back and let’s get into it.

  1. What is Termux?
  2. The commands in termux?
  3. Uses of termux.
  4. How to download termux.
  5. Is termux fit for me?
  6. Conclusion.

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Termux is simply an application that gives you the chance to install and operate Linux packages on your mobile device. It creates an technical atmosphere that gives room for running Linux tools without rooting your android mobile device.

Well, for those that don’t know what Linux is, it is an open-source computer operating system kernel.

This means, Linux as an operating system is the central part of many computer operating systems which manages the system’s resources and the communication between hardware and software components.

With Termux, you can run tools like Shell, C++, Java, CMake, Python, Ruby and many more. You can also enjoy the fun of using not one, but varieties of hacking packages like Hydra, Nmap, Metasploit, NetHunter and many more through this Termux app.

This is why Termux is regarded as the first android terminal app of it’s kind, to release different software unlike others that has few number of packages to offer.

Plainly put  Termux allows you to do what can be originally done on the computer on your android phone

Okay, that done let’s move on. Probably you’re wondering where Termux came from. Termux was initially released on May 30, 2015 having its author as Fredrik Fornwall.

It was written in Java and operating system is Android, more of the reason why this app runs only on android phones, it is not available on iPhone devices for now.

The software packages available on Termux has expanded to more than a thousand packages as of 2021.

Another feature that makes Termux distinctive when compared to other android terminal emulators is its setup, which was constructed to be similar to the set up of Derbian Standard Linux.

The app, maintained by a team of volunteers created an avenue for its potential users to submit request for new packages.

Apart from having numerous terminal packages, you can also install some editors of terminal based like Vim and Emacs to edit or create new files out of the terminal and you can run Graphical User Interface (GUI) apps on Termux.

This can be done through a Virtual Network Computing (VNC).


GUI: Graphical User Interface is a type of user interface that allows people to communicate with a computer through a sequence of direct manipulation of graphical images and widgets in addition to texts.

VNC: Virtual Network Computing is a graphical desktop-sharing system that through the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB), remotely control another computer.

Derbian Standard Linux: Invented by Ian Murdock in August, 1993, it comprises of both free and open source software, serving as one of the first established operating systems on the Linux kernel.

SSH: Also known as Secure Shell, it is a program and protocol for securely logging in to and running programs on remote machines across a network, with encryption to protect the transferred information and authentication to ensure that the remote machine is the one desired.


There are 2 package managers through which termux packages can be downloaded and 3 storage repository locations that are available on Termux. The package managers are ‘pkg’ and ‘apt’ and the storage repositories are

Main: this is the first location that stores Linux tools and the compilers and interpreters available on Termux.

X11 repo: stores all the X11 apps and packages

Root repo: stores packages needed for devices that have been rooted.



We have gathered 40 commands in Termux. Below is the list of commands on Termux. The commands are in bold letters

  1. To get the list of all the packages that have been installed on Termux


  1. To install a new package that is not previously on Termux

pkg install package name

  1. To get information concerning a particular package.

pkg show package name

  1. To clear the screen


  1. To un-install a package

pkg uninstall package name

  1. To delete files or folder

rm -rf Document

rm is for deleting files, rm-rf is to delete folder.

  1. To store Termux in your S.D card


  1. To install Python

pkg install python

  1. To re-install a Termux package

pkg reinstall package name

  1. To get list of all Termux packages in Termux

pkg list-all

  1. To install Zip to compress or decompress in Termux

pkg install zip

To compress a file

zip file name here

To decompress

unzip file name here

  1. To close or exit Termux


  1. To open a file, for example to open ‘read.txt’ file in Termux

open readme.txt

  1. To msg an IP Address or a website, for example in Termux


  1. To move from the directory you are currently working on to another, for example, to move to ‘place’ directory

cd /place

  1. To check the current directory you are working on


  1. To access printing message

cp -v

  1. To see files or to see folders that are contained in a directory in Termux


To access more info about files or folders

ls -lha

  1. To create a directory in Termux

mkdir Name

To remove a directory

rmdir Name

The Name stands for the name of the directory

  1. To check for the background Termux process


  1. To check all the interfaces, IP addresses in Termux


  1. To search for a package in Termux

pkg search package name

Package name is the name of the package you are searching for.

  1. To get the location of packages that have been installed

pkg files package name

  1. To access the history line of the Termux commands or the instructions you have been running


  1. To install the Zip manually on Termux

pkg install zip

  1. To connect to the SSH server in Termux

ssh username@ip

  1. To read texts and the likes, ‘cat’ is utilized. For example, to read document.php, thus

cat document.php

  1. To install Wget in Termux

pkg install wget

wget is an utility package that helps to download files from internet to termux on phone

  1. To make your S.D card your storage


  1. To access the calendar in termux


  1. To input the date in termux


  1. To install the root repository in your newly downloaded termux

pkg install root-repo

After installing, you can now download the packages or files in that repository

  1. To update and also upgrade your termux packages

pkg update & pkg upgrade -y

  1. To install repository that is unstable in termux

pkg install unstable-repo

After installing, you can now download the packages or files in that repository

  1. To download a file or package from the ‘URL’


To install the downloaded file or package in Termux

pkg install wget

  1. To access for the active port that is current in Termux

netstat -tnlp

  1. To move files between folders. Example, from download folder in the S.D card to termux to home directory on Termux

mv /sdcard/download $home

  1. To show the information of kernel in Termux

uname -a

  1. To show the size of an object in a particular folder location in Termux

df Termux

  1. To copy files from between directories. For example from the document folder in the S.D card to the home directory on termux

cp /sdcard/document $home



Depending on the need of the user, termux can be used for different things. Some of its uses are listed below

  • Termux can be used for hacking
  • With Termux, you can create, manage, edit and delete files with emacs and nano
  • You can also develop, download and install projects on gits or even run games based on text based
  • Or maybe you are interested in web designing or development, Termux got you covered. On Termux, you have access to educate yourself with Linux, whether you have an idea before or not.
  • On Termux, you have the opportunity to synchronize, as well as give your files a back up.



Firstly, you need to note that termux is only available on Android mobile devices for now. Well, there are many other hacking apps that you can download on iPhone devices if hacking is your thing.

Anyway, to download termux is just like downloading any other app on your android play store.

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However, your android version must be 5.0 upward to get this app. Below are the steps to get your termux ready.

  • Login to your play store and search for termux.
  • Download the app by Fredik Fornwall and wait for few minutes to install.
  • After installation, go back to your apps menu and launch the app.
  • After you have launched the app, your termux experience begins.
  • You can otherwise watch tutorials if you are a beginner so that you will know what command to run at first to avoid error.

Also, you can also get the apk file on your browser. Just type ‘download termux apk‘ and you will be directed to the download site.



Termux is virtually for everyone who wants to try something new on the terminal scene. These groups of people will find termux very useful, so if you are among them, definitely you are the chosen one

Hackers: I don’t know why this keeps popping to my head, but mainly termux is very effective for hacking. Its packages are comprehensive and complex, definitely fit for an hacker.

Who knows, maybe you, with the knowledge go into cybersecurity…(just saying). Explore your hacking skills with Hydra, Routersploit, Nmap. Ok I think I’m saying too much right? I’ll pass

Programmers: Now I can breathe well. Ok, programmers will also find this app very useful and amusing. Are you a young programmer, you should expand your horizon of knowledge and talents using this app. It brings you closer to programming languages and programming interface.

Student: if you are a computer science  student or what you are studying is very related to computer science, then Termux is for you.

Take your time and start your coding, it will give you an edge in experience. you don’t need to have a laptop or a computer, neither do you need to carry one all around every day   your phone is enough.


Termux is one of the best apps that you will definitely enjoy, especially you have a love for programming. The app relays an avenue to enjoy the packages of Linux on your phone.

You do not need to root your phone, neither does it require a heavy set up. It is easy and portable, unlike laptop that is so noticeable.

There are a lot of packages to enjoy to your satisfaction and its everyday update makes new features to be added everyday. Learn Python, Golang, C, C++ and many other programming languages.

If make out time to spend with this app everyday, you will definitely wish you have read this information earlier.

We believe you have quite gotten some information on Termux and what it does, and its commands. If you still have more questions bothering your mind, you can check up on


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