Why are takis banned in canada

Why Are Takis Banned in Canada?

It is not everyday we hear of food items becoming banned in a country like Canada. Of course, you may be like ‘Hey, it’s food. Why on earth would you ban my favourite snack?’ Well, one major reason why some food items get banned is actually because they pose an health threat to whoever eats them.

Those that have fallen victims have been hospitalized and health reports have claimed of those whose vital organs have been affected badly.

Other than that, some of the manufacturing companies producing these food items are not legalized for production process.

Among other food items and snacks in this circle, Takis is particularly one in all of the food items banned in Canada. Or better put, Takis is not one of the most healthiest snack you should eat.

You might have heard about this snack, or maybe you kind of noticed this product ain’t in town anymore.

What’s going on? Are they out of business or what? If you happen to be an immigrant in Canada or probably you came visiting, don’t expect to see this snack often. If eventually you find it somewhere, you be careful.

There is a reason why the Canadian Government through her Health Agency is not hugging this food item, and you should read this article carefully to know all about this banned product;



What is Takis Snack?

Takis snack had its way from Mexico back in 1999. The snack, popular known for its rolled corn tortilla nature was produced by a subordinate of Grupo Bimbo called Barcel.

Invented in a way to be like taquito, takis is a very tasty, mouth-watering snack whose fame spread as quickly as flash as soon as it came to the snack market world (even though at first, it was targeted to the Hispanic Region before it got the attention of other neighbouring regions).

Some of the ingredients include corn-flour, soya bean oil or vegetable oil, sugar and seasoning, yeast-extract, onion powder, sodium bicarbonate among others.

Due to its intense taste and flavour varieties, it didn’t take long for this snack to mesmerize the eyes and heart of kids, teenagers and young adults, which brought about high consumption. In other words, it was like an overdose drug, without a stop.

Its flavours (more than 20) has different taste and well almost not similar packaging, some are entirely different. Some of its flavours relative to their packaging and colour include

  1. Green colour packaging
  • Angry Burger (spicy hamburger coupled with dill-pickle)
  • Crunchy Fajita (a chicken-flavoured, looks yellowish in a way)
  • Authentic Taco (which happens to be a taco)
  1. Blue colour packaging
  • Fuego Azul (spicy and powder added)
  • Wild (buffalo-hot flavoured with sky blue wrappings)
  • Blue Flame (barbecue flavour)
  • Blue Heat (flavoured with chili)
  1. Orange colour packagingyellow takis snack repdex.online
  • Lava (chipotle-flavoured with cheese)
  • Xplosion (cheese and chili-pepper flavoured)


Other flavours include the Guacamole, Salsa Brava, Xtra-Hot, Zombie (habanero added with cucumber flavour), Sal-De Mar, The Volcano Queso ( yellow-green and orange packagin), Scorpion BBQ, and the popular Fuego seasoned with chili and lime.


Why Was Takis Banned?

The ban of Takis, as wonderful and sumptuous as it appears to be got many thinking. Some institutions and schools have also cleaned their hands and mouth off Takis.

Well, the reason is just the same as why many others like it got banned. Takis was banned in Canada because it posed some health disadvantages and problems to some of the consumers.

This occurred because of the over consumption of the chip snacks, and well too much of everything is not good. Reports have been made about various cases of consumers having heart disease, cancer and even ulcers, caused by Takis (among other presumed food items).

However, some of these report cases have been confirmed false and untrue, yet there is no denial that the large quantity of sodium and fats in this snack is a big health challenge.

Various health groups of people have already been warned not to go near this snack as foods especially those affected by obesity, gastritis and majorly stomach and heart related matters. Those that eventually break this rule find themselves to blame at the end of the day, as they can be in big trouble.

There are some flavours of Takis that are spicy (like Fuego Azul, Angry burger and Fuego flavours) that have been discovered to cause a disorder in the digestive system of some consumers and not only that, those that have been diagnosed or having signs of IBS [Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a functional disorder causing the nerves and muscles of the large intestine to be oversensitive, leading to symptoms such as cramp, diarrhoea and constipation] are strongly advised to close their mouths against Takis, as it can cause an increase in their health conditions and you know, take it to level two.

It became more shocking that not only Canada saw the fault in this snack. There have been reports all over the snack world about kids been rushed to the hospital because of complications.

The Food And Drug Administration databank in United States of America stated in 2017, that a girl of 9 years was treated of blisters, throat pain and rashes that was associated with Fuego Takis.

There was a Facebook post in that same year with a caption ‘These chips are hurting…..’ . Takis contain high amounts of sodium and calories but does not have enough minerals and vitamins for it to be balanced.


Takis snacks are not entirely that bad. Of fact, most of all the disheartening cases about people developing one complication or the other was actually because they could not control their thirst and desire for more Takis. They had one too many snacks than they ought to.

The over-consumption caused the health challenges, not actually the snacks. Takis are snacks that contains carbohydrates, fats and sodium, so if you need any of these three nutrients you can go for Takis snacks.

Just that, don’t have too many snacks at once. Except in cases posing health challenges, if you can control your consumption you are going to be just fine.

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