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[Solved] Facebook Dating Notifications, not Working | Facebook Dating Notification – Free Facebook Dating Site

facebook dating notifications not working

The Facebook Platform has a lot of awesome and superb features for all its users and all these additional features have increased the success percentage of the social media platform greatly within the last few years.

We also answered the question on Can you tell if someone takes a screenshot on Facebook? and you can go check out to find the answer if the question comes across your mind too.

Looking back in 2018, the social platform Facebook launched a next-gen feature popularly known as FaceBook Dating. 90% of Facebook dating users have all given great and positive feedback on how the feature has been of good help and has been used to push up their social aspect of life.

But even with this Facebook Dating Platform being so wonderful and nice, some issues and Info have come up with time which we have been able to tackle, like the FaceBook Dating Not on iPad, and also Lists of FaceBook dating countries. But here today we are gonna fix the problem of Facebook Dating Notifications not Working. Although the error doesn’t really occur and a good number of times the issue is triggered by settings on an individual’s Facebook account.

So you’ll see how to solve and fix Facebook Dating Notifications issues and make it work totally.

Facebook dating isn’t just a feature for the social platform, it’s now bigger than that, it has grown so big with lots of users and good reviews and just the dating feature is contending with big and top dating platforms today.

Making good use of the dating platform and you come up with issues like “Facebook Dating Notifications not Working” then look no further as we have the solution given to you as you read below.

Is the Facebook Dating Notification Really Helpful?

If you are a notable Facebook user then you should know how useful notification on Facebook can be. Facebook Notification gives you a heads up of all activities on your Facebook account.

And without notifications, you wouldn’t be able to keep up with what happens on your Facebook account. So you could see how useful the Facebook dating notifications are. Facebook dating notifications would give one the luxury of enjoyment of the social platform.

What Facebook Dating Notifications really notify you of?

Conversant with your activities going on your Facebook dating profile, then you would have a clear understanding of what Facebook dating notifications really notify you of. Although if you aren’t aware the see this below;

  • FaceBook Dating Platform hints you up when you have a new match up
  • You recieve a notifcation when sny of yout matches sends you a message.

You and a Facebook dating user and you don’t get to see these notifications, It could be bad, as you might miss out on the notification to respond and chat with your crush or lover messages.

You may not also get to be aware when you have a match and this may put you off guard. So just these few outlines should really tell you how helpful and useful facebook dating and Facebook notifications are.

Here’s Really Why your Facebook Dating App Notifications is not Working

Back to the primary question on why Facebook dating notifications is not working?. Some Facebook users have made complain of notification issues. However most times it’s tied to settings, as their Facebook dating notifications may not be turned ON.

At times it’s turned off, to prevent disturbance or to hide notification from friends and sometimes family. The Do Not Disturb (DND) settings could also prevent Facebook dating notifications from trooping in.

If your Facebook dating notifications doesn’t really notify you in other words your Facebook dating notification is not working, review your settings and do the needful by turning it ON.

Stucked On turning On Facebook dating Notifications in settings, make use of the detailed steps below:

Are you Stucked On turning On Facebook dating Notifications in settings? then make use of the detailed steps below:

  • First off, open up your facebook app on your smartphone or mobile device(iOS or Android)
  • Hit the Menu icon Button
  • Head on to the News Feed
  • Tap on the NOTIFICATION ICON and Next activate the Dating Notifications

You would be able to see if it’s selected to be activated(turned on) or off, you can choose to place it in any option you feel like, but if Facebook dating Notifications not working? just smoothly turn it ON in the settings following the above instructions.

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