How to See Who Views Your Venmo

Can you see who views your Venmo Profile?

Venmo seems to be the new chapter of the popular American payment gateway company Paypal. So many features on this new platform which is still owned by Paypal, you could see how to unblock someone on the Venmo platform.

But aside that, now to the big question, “Can you see who views your Venmo Profile?

Before we look into that to know if it’s possible it now, let’s just look at some analysis made on the Venmo Platform

Venmo had its first released in the year 2009 over 9 years plus ago, the platform didn’t start with a famous boost, although looking into the year 2013.

The app moved around several companies until the ending of the year 2013 where it settled down in the hands of Paypal.

Why did people get to like the Venmo App?

One of the best reasons why individuals like and acknowledges the venmo app much more compared to other apps built for the structure of mobile payment or as a payment gateway is that the app has a social media feeling.

This application has feeds built alike to that of other social media apps and platforms, this includes private, friends, and public feeds.

Venmo users could also become friends with other users on the app and each can make a lovely comment on the transactions that occurred. Jokes and Emojis could be used on various transactions.

This application has been able to build its brand name so successful and with other unique features, topping other mobile payment gateway apps but can it allow you to see and know who views your Venmo profile? Well, let’s quickly answer this big question below🥱🥱

How to See Who Views My Venmo?

Venmo is a mobile payment app with strong and edifying features yet everyone is asking if it’s able to see who views your Venmo Profile, transactions and accounts are amongst its superB features.

Can you see who views your Venmo Profile?

ANSWER: NO, you can’t see or know who views your Venmo profile or account on any operating system used. There has been no official statement from Venmo in relation to such a question, so it isn’t possible to see or know who view your Venmo.

Don’t know if this is a challenge, but even other social media apps and platforms don’t have or operate with this feature, aside the implementing of other third party software.

Best way to Halt Users from Seeing Venmo Transactions

Want to stop people from seeing or following your Venmo transactions made? then read this article further, it’ll show you how to adjust the settings on payment transactions, individual, past and current transactions. If you want to halt this action of people seeing your venmo transactions, all you gotta do is to alter the present privacy settings.

You could optimally change the privacy setting from individual payment or back to the default privacy settings available.

In other to make custom settings on Venmo, just simply hit the privacy settings option, after which you would see the write up saying “Who can see this?” the screen would snap up and then select the settings “Private.”

Wanting to change the default privacy settings that came upon installation of the mobile app, then head on to “Settings” and tap on “Privacy”. Kindly choose the default privacy setting of your choice and you’re good to go.

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