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Who is a Sibling?

Sibling is said to be one of two or more people or individuals having one or both parents in general. A full sibling is simply a first-degree relative. A male sibling is simply called a brother, and on the other hand, a female sibling is called a sister. In various societies around the world, siblings tend to grow up together, which stimulates the development of emotional bonds. The strong emotional bonding between siblings is very complicated due to influences by factors such as parental care, the order of birth, personality and other personal experiences.

All identical twins are known to share 100% of their DNA. Full siblings are referred to as first degree relatives, and averagely share 50% of their genes out of those that differ amidst humans, considering that the parents share none of the genes. Half-siblings are genetically second-degree relatives and have averagely 25% projection in their human genetic modification.

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