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What is an Introduction?

An introduction is the first part of a document that sets the stage, or the main topic, for the rest of the content in the document.

It typically provides some background information and lets the reader decide if they should read more.

A good introduction is the most important part of any article. Parsing thousands of terms and building a list of relevant ones takes hours, which is why articles should have a beginning, middle and an end.

Having a well-written introduction also helps you create an overall tone which will increase the chance of clicking through from your content.

An introduction can be made in many ways, such as the spoken word or written words. In the PowerPoint platform and in Microsoft Word applications, you can accomplish this with the use of the “introduce heading” macro and thus position the introductory paragraphs within an outline (the space between headers is essential).

You can also create a preamble before a heading by right-clicking on it then selecting “Add preamble” from the menu. Oftentimes, an introduction may appear alongside another paragraph on their own and is referred to as a section header.

This section header should always follow the first paragraph in an article or PowerPoint slide presentation while it describes what sales presentation content is expected to cover in this presentation