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Date of Birth Meaning and Definition

What is Date of Birth (DOB)?

Date of birth is said to be the specific and exact date(Day, Month, and Year) on which a person is born or given birth. A birthday is celebrated on the date-of-birth of an individual. Also, most people take the date of birth and birthday as the same thing. (i.e., Birthday and Date of birth {DOB} are two different words with one meaning). 

A Quick Definition of Birthday

birthday is the celebration of the birth of an individual or an institution. Birthdays of most individuals and people are observed and partied in various cultures, often with a birthday partygifts, birthday cards, or a rite of passage. 

Several religions celebrate the birthday or birth of their religious leader, founders, and figures with special holidays such as; ChristmasKrishna Janmashtami, and Mawlid.

Difference between Birthdate and Birthday

However, there is a difference between birthdate and birthday: A birthday occurs each year (i.e., March 3), while on the other hand, a birthdate is an exact date a person was born (i.e., March 3, 2002).

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